Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Projects, Assessments & New Businesses

As the weather begins to cool off, let’s take stock of some of the work that was accomplished this summer. We continue to make street improvements to Dix Street and Charles Street and the new parking lot by City Hall should be completed before winter. We have made it a priority to get back on track with street and sewer repairs. For years the City neglected street and as a result there are many streets in need of repair. Next year the long-overdue Williams Street project will begin, and sewer is scheduled to be run out Lewis Street. Planning and organizing these repairs has allowed us to make the needed repairs with minimum impact to taxes. Cured-in-place sewer lines have been put in place. These are less expensive repairs that are possible when problems are detected and corrected early. The pavilion got a coat of primer to protect it from the elements. It will need further painting next year, but this first coat is a great start and it looks wonderful. Again, getting the primer on this year prevents further deterioration and keeps costs down.

Some of you may have noticed discrepancies between the printed assessments that you received in the mail and the on-line listing. I talked to the assessors about this problem and they are working to correct it. In my case, the number of bathrooms on my printed copy shows 3 while the number on-line indicates only 1. The assessor assures me that the correct number was used to determine the assessment value. You may have noticed these kinds of errors on your own assessment. They are working to correct them, and provide accurate information to everyone who asks.

We recently learned that there are several new businesses that plan to expand or locate in Columbus. This is a wonderful boost for our economy and a credit to all of us. Our friendly, safe city is a good place to run a business and raise a family. It gives us a competitive edge in attracting businesses. We have a lot of great things to showcase in Columbus… great schools, a beautiful historic city, the aquatic center, golf courses, parks, a full-service hospital and emergency room, and of course great people who have a lot of pride and involvement in their community. Thanks to everyone who is helping keep us moving in a positive direction. Our responsive city government is making a difference. Businesses see a mayor and council who are planning for the future and working to provide good services that business can build upon. It all helps us continue to move forward.

My husband and I plan to go canoeing this weekend. It will be the first time that we’ve taken the canoe out this year. Always fun to spend some time on the water relaxing. I hope that you take some time for yourself.

Nancy Osterhaus – Mayor