Wednesday, April 9, 2008


This hasn’t been a very good week for Columbus. Two of our police officers have been put on administrative leave while an investigation is conducted into their activities on Thursday night. I am disappointed. The police department has undergone significant change in the past few months. I had hoped that we could build on the positive work and leadership. You can be assured that the investigation will be thorough and fair. No one will be harassed for speaking the truth. We will learn and grow from this experience. Our police officers work hard to build trust and relationships within the community. It is so easily broken.

And Ed Schellin has decided to create issues between the PFC and City Council. Issues that will likely cost the city legal fees and take up time and energy to resolve. What a shame. After the Council found that Ed had overstepped his authority and conducted himself improperly, they gave him a second chance to build a positive relationship with the City Council. It appears that he is unwilling or unable to work with the Council. Again disappointing.