Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend is a time to think about the folks who have served our country, risking their lives to keep us safe and free. Thank you. Those words aren’t big enough to express the gratitude that we have for your service. Thank you. My father and mother served in World War II. My father in England working in a hospital unit, and my mother was an air force control tower operator. They met during the war and married shortly afterwards, and like many other service folks, they settled down and raised a family in the land that they had defended. My husband served in Vietnam… an angry, wasteful war. Today we are fighting in Iraq where Councilman Augustine’s son is serving. Thank you. You have given us freedom and there is no more precious gift.

The council approved bonding for $1.72 million to address a number of infrastructure city projects. More streets will be repaired, more sewers will be maintained and upgraded, an engineering study on the dam will begin, there will be a new roof structure on city hall, the library can begin designing an addition. 2008 taxes include $2.44 / $1,000 for debt service. With this borrowing next year it will be $2.43 / $1,000. After that the rate declines slightly each year. This is planned, efficient bonding. Moody’s Investment Service rated the City of Columbus an A3… that is a good rating for a city our size. They congratulated us on our planning, building stability in government, steady growth and leadership. They told us to keep an eye on general funds spending.

Enjoy this weekend. The weather is beautiful, summer is just around the corner. The spring flowers are spectacular.