Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We had help last weekend putting everything back together and getting our lives on track. Volunteers from several churches around the state came to Columbus to help folks clean up their property after the flood. They hauled out flood damaged goods, mopped basements, sprayed bleach and helped us get back to normal again. There are angels amongst us. Folks who are willing to give up their weekends to help a stranger in need. This is the values of a small town in Wisconsin and I love it. We help each other without regard for personal gain. There is no motive except to help a friend get through a difficult time. Thank you to everyone who stepped forward. We are a community that takes pride in our homes and businesses and just 3 weeks after a devastating natural disaster, we are returning to normal.

I need to remind you to go to FEMA to register if you have flood damage. They urge everyone with damage to come and register. They will be at the High School from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm every day, including July 4th. They can answer questions and provide information on preventing damage in future floods. FEMA also reminded me that there are folks who will try to take advantage of us, unscrupulous contractors and scam artists. Be smart when you are looking for someone to help with the cleanup. Do not sign a contract with someone that you don’t know, or make a down payment on work without checking out the references. I am concerned about anyone who solicits your business. Most of the reputable contractors are already very busy, and don’t need to go around looking for additional business. Make calls yourself to people you know to avoid being scammed.

Remember that if you have questions about any topic, call or email. There is a blog on the city website that includes a questions and answer section, and I will try to get you up to date information on important topics as quickly as possible. I am also more than willing to come to any group to talk about issues facing the city. Give a call.

The teen center committee met this week to begin working on establishing a place where young folks can go for activities. They are enthusiastic, fun and ready to help establish safe place for our youth. You will hear more about this effort going forward. Thanks to everyone who works on committees to resolve problems facing our city.

And Happy 4th of July. See you at the parade!!! We will be walking and handing out candy along the parade route, and you can find me at the park and in the streets during the festivities. Please stop by and chat.