Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home Improvements

I talked to a number of people who are working on their home improvement projects after the flood. There are many projects underway all over the city… new furnaces and air conditioners, new dry walling and carpets. FEMA continues to warn us that there are scam artists out there who would love to take your money and run. Be careful of anyone who comes to your home offering to do home improvement projects. They often request a down payment, and after you give them your money they are gone. Many of the reputable contractors have 4+ months wait to begin the project, so I can understand folks getting impatient… but, be careful.

We are getting much closer to beginning the hiring process for the Columbus Fire Chief. The fire department came to the City Council Planning session on Tuesday and asked the council to consider combining Emergency Services (Ambulance) into the Fire Department and hiring a full time Fire Chief. We will be developing some cost : benefit numbers to understand the costs behind this. I completely support the Fire Department’s request to go to a full time chief and combine emergency services. Once we have some good data on costs and transition plans, you will hear a lot more about this.

I’m in Madison this week at the Mayor’s Innovation Project where 60 mayors from around the country get together to discuss best practices and topics of importance. We will be discussing transportation options and making our community pedestrian and bike friendly… it should be very interesting.

My son and his family moved to Illinois from Colorado. We’re so excited. This means that the grandchildren are much closer and we will be able to get together much more often… yippee!!!

Nancy Osterhaus